Development Methodology for the Web

Patterned after design and development processes similar to those used by many technical communicators, writers, designers, and software developers 5, this methodology involves six processes and six elements. We base this methodology on the characteristics and qualities of the Web and on the particular experiences of Web users.

Our methodology involves six sets of information, which we call elements:

  • Audience information is a store of knowledge about the target audience for the web as well as the actual audience who use the web.

  • The purpose statement defines the reason and scope of web's existence.

  • The objectives list defines the specific goals the web should accomplish.

  • The domain information is a collection of knowledge and information about the subject domain the web covers.

  • The web specification is a detailed description of the constraints and elements that will go into the web.

  • The web presentation is the full description of the technical structures (hypertext and other media) by which the web is delivered to the users.

We deliver a range of websites like:

  • Simple One Page Website.

  • Blog, Forum website.

  • Small Business Website.

  • Employment website.

  • Dynamic Corporate Website.

  • Part/Full Flash Website.

  • Information website.

  • Charity websites.

  • E-commerce website.

  • Government website.

Web Offer:

  • Red hosting for personal websites and users requiring a full-featured, efficient and affordable hosting.

  • Enterprise/Corporate Hosting for corporate, business organizations, and other users requiring more storage capacity and bandwidth.

  • Windows Hosting for hosting ASP (Active Server Pages).

  • Dedicated Hosting for enterprises and e-commerce, which need a dedicated server to run business-critical applications 24/7.

  • Linux/Windows Virtual Private Servers (VPS) for the combined advantage of a dedicated server,greater control, higher security, simplicity and cost- effectiveness.

  • Reseller Hosting for Web designers, users seeking to sell private label hosting, and other Web hosting service providers.

  • E-Marketing (Complete Web Traffic Solution).

  • Web/Online Research.

  • Website redesigning.

  • Content Management.

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